Which ones do auto parts mainly refer to?

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Auto parts are the various units that make up the entire car and a product that serves the car. There are many types of auto parts. With the improvement of people's living standards, people consume more and more cars, and the market for auto parts becomes larger and larger. In recent years, auto parts manufacturing plants have also developed rapidly.

Launch system

Engine assembly, filter, cylinder and parts, oil seal, oil pump nozzle, fuel saver, valve lifter, oil pipe, connecting rod assembly, crankshaft and camshaft, bearing and connecting rod bushing, valve and parts, fuel tank, piston, Flywheel ring gear, tensioner, belt, supercharger, carburetor, three-way catalytic converter, fuel injection device, starter and accessories, other starting systems and other automotive starting system accessories.

Walking system

Front axle, rear axle, shock absorption system, suspension system, axle housing, half shaft, balance weight, buffer, rim, wheel hub, frame assembly, automobile tires, agricultural vehicle tires, construction machinery tires and other walking systems Accessories.

Body accessories

Car shells, doors, car glass, car mirrors, license plate holders, seats and accessories, car bearings, armrests, handles, handles, nets, fenders, cabs and accessories, airbags, car seat belts, glass lifters, Car antennas, wipers, car mufflers, car horns, car weather strip bumpers, trunks, luggage racks, extrusions, stampings, exhaust pipes, other body accessories and other auto parts.

steering system

Tie rod assembly, tie rod, tie rod ball end, center tie rod, steering active arm, steering slave arm, steering gear dust cover, steering gear assembly, steering shock absorber, power steering pump, steering gear gasket repair kit, Power steering fuel tank, tie rod adjusting bolt, steering follower arm bushing, power steering tube, steering knuckle, steering wheel, other steering systems and other auto parts.

The tie rod head is also called the ball head connecting rod, such as the manual gear is a tie rod head. The precision requirements are high, mainly due to force deformation and fatigue resistance.

Braking System

Brake pads, clutches, friction pads, air compressors, hand brakes, brackets, shaft heads, vacuum boosters, brake shoes, brake pumps, cables, clips, brake assemblies, brake pots, brake chambers, brake drums, Slide block, lifting lugs, control valve, dryer, brake disc, anti-lock brake system/ABS.


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