Lightweight trucks become a trend under standard freight

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With the increasingly stringent requirements of national regulations governing overruns, the living space of overrun and overloaded vehicles on the market is gradually being compressed, and the lightweight of trucks has become a new trend in the development of the industry.

Starting from January 1, 2020, all provinces and cities across the country have officially started to fully implement the expressway entrance weighing and persuasion policy. With the official launch of the weighing equipment at high-speed toll stations, it has changed for over-limit and overloaded vehicles to go on the expressway. Become a luxury.

When a vehicle is overloaded at a highway intersection, not only will the vehicle be refused permission to enter the highway, but the driver may also be punished accordingly.

Because highway toll collectors have the right to report offending vehicles to local law enforcement agencies, local public security traffic police departments can further detect vehicles through local monitoring stations nearby, and can penalize vehicles based on the detection results until the illegal state of the vehicle is completely eliminated.

In the face of increasingly stricter oversight policies, major domestic auto companies are also trying their best to improve the competitive advantages of their products. New processes, new materials, and lightweight components have also emerged.

In the whole vehicle, the lightweight of the truck chassis is a very important part. Not long ago, at the Wuhan International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition, a variety of lightweight chassis parts were unveiled. Today we review again and come to know these lightweight components. Parts assembly.

Excellent airbag suspension is commonly used in dangerous goods vehicles. The product's own weight is less than 480kg.

In domestic high-end heavy-duty truck tractors, airbag suspensions are still widely used, especially for dangerous goods heavy-duty truck tractors, airbag suspensions must be installed from January 2020.

Compared with the traditional steel plate suspension, the airbag suspension is more expensive, and its performance advantages are still better. It not only has the characteristics of light weight and good shock absorption, but also has safety, fuel saving and protection. Because of the role of chassis parts, it is only used in domestic high-end heavy truck tractors.

The specific effect of the single leaf spring suspension with dominant self-weight remains to be tested by the market


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